Corrosion protection

Our climate and atmospheric conditions are factors that cause corrosion of metal substrates. According to ISO 9223, atmospheric circumstances are divided into corrosion classes C1 through C5; a minimum and maximum corrosion speed is determined for each class. Based on these corrosion classes, Baril Coatings offers the most sustainable DualCure coating system for the environment in which the material will be exposed. DualCure systems can be tailor-made to provide the ideal drying time and protection for your product and process.


Very high corrosivity

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  • Outdoor application in coastal areas and off shore areas with aggressive atmosphere and high salt concentrations.

High corrosivity

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  • Indoor application in a high humidity environment, moderate pollution like in chemical companies, swimming pools and docks. Outdoor application in industrial area and coastal area with moderate salt content and areas with high humidity and aggressive atmosphere.

Average corrosivity

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  • In high humidity areas and low air pollution and areas with limited SO2-pollution and low-salt coastal areas.

Low corrosivity

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  • Unheated buildings where light condensation can occur and in rural dry area with low air pollution.

Very low corrosivity

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  • Indoor application in heated buildings with dry air and a clean indoor climate.