Super fast curing without elevated temperature

The patented DualCure coatings represent a new generation of coatings, combining superior durability with extremely fast curing. The coldcure coating cures very fast without adding additional energy or heat. The reaction with outdoor moisture creates a very tight molecular curing, which provides an extremely strong coating. DualCure Technology proves that it is possible to combine high quality, processability and sustainability in a single product.

Lifetime protection
DualCure protects an object during its entire economic lifespan (if maintenance cycles are respected), reducing maintenance costs to a minimum. DualCure coatings provide NORSOK certified systems with lasting protection against weather conditions and corrosion.

Reduced transport and assembly damage
The process of fast curing and high abrasion considerably reduces damage to the coating during transport and assembly.

Lower impact to the environment
DualCure contributes to the reduction of the carbon footprint and a lower VOC emission, due to its high content of volume solids and its coldcure characteristics. Furthermore, our thin coating technology means less coating consumption per m2.

The coatings are subjected to the most intensive practical tests. The test reports show high scores in salt-spray tests, flexibility tests, and NORSOK requirements.

Replacement matrix
Download the DualCure replacement matrix to see which DualCure product has replaced your trusted product.



604 DualCure Iso Primer

509 DualCure HS Multiprimer

306 DualCure Zinc Primer